Sell Your Business
Sell Your Machine Shop

US MFG purchases small manufacturing companies like yours to continue building what you have put in the time and work to establish.

How It Works
Invest with Us
Invest with Us

We acquire manufacturing companies and optimize their operations to help them grow and continue serving their customers with even more capabilities.

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Build Your Life with Us
Build Your Life with Us

We offer employee ownership, lifestyle careers and significant advancement opportunities. Build your life, grow your career.

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We’re Solving America’s Manufacturing Decline

We offer an alternative to manufacturing operations whose owners thought their only option for retirement was to sell their machines and liquidate their assets. US MFG purchases their entire business, so it can continue to thrive with the solid foundations they established.

Our solution broadens the roles of trained, loyal employees to include ownership and to continue their growth. US MFG is building a network of facilities across America to reinvigorate our manufacturing operations and reverse the decline.

Our model combines corporate citizenship with established initiatives for equity involvement and fair wages for employees, environmentally conscious manufacturing processes and sustainable lifestyle careers.