Reversing America’s manufacturing decline and helping owners retire

We are transforming American manufacturing. Our team is purchasing small machine shops in order to make it easier for their owners to retire, to assure employees keep their jobs, and to allow customers to have even more manufacturing resources at their disposal. We are building a nationwide network of machine shops and manufacturing businesses to take advantage of scale by bringing them together under one roof.

Our vision

We are creating the solution to the problems contributing to America’s manufacturing decline by eliminating the shortage of industrial skills through training. Our business model provides equity involvement and fair wages for employees and assures the use of manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact.

At US MFG, we are committed to helping machine shops grow and thrive after their former owner retires. Our model of large scale, small size acquisition and standardization lets us capture and build on the value of these machine shops.

We care about what machine shop owners have built

US MFG is the retirement option for a generation of small business owners that are closing their doors, because selling their businesses has been more difficult than selling their assets. Now, US MFG is acquiring small manufacturing businesses across the U.S., then networking them together to improve efficiencies and help them thrive.

We provide job security for employees, the opportunity for employee ownership, as well as schedule flexibility, financial mastery education, and trust instead of top-down rules.