Our retention rates are high with opportunities for career advancement

At US MFG, we purchase the entire machine shop instead of helping to liquidate the business. We know the employees are the most important assets that a small manufacturing business has, and we want to retain their extensive knowledge and experience. We promote a culture of success, which is why we provide the following benefits to our employees:

  • Schedule flexibility that allows employees to travel and spend time with friends and family
  • Career advancement with our educational initiatives and mentorship programs
  • Financial mastery through transparent company financial meetings
  • Employee ownership to help team members build wealth for their futures
We offer job security

After we acquire a new machine shop, our usual retention rate of its employees is about 90%. We believe in personal and professional responsibility, leaning heavily on trust. Instead of rules and corporate top down management, we enable and incentivize our associates to build trust among the employees and management.

Our culture emphasizes accomplishing great things together, but we also embrace living a lifestyle that combines health with success.