Help us solve America’s manufacturing decline

We look for manufacturing investment opportunities in small businesses. US MFG’s acquisition target is 100,000 small machine shops owned by Baby Boomers within the United States. Of these companies, 48% do not have succession plans. It is highly likely that the owners of these shops will close them by 2032 if they decide to retire. They represent local investment opportunities and a chance to receive a high return on your investment.

Our team purchases these businesses and then optimizes their operations to help them grow and continue serving their customers with expanded capabilities. Our model of large scale, small size acquisition and standardization, allows us to capture the enterprise value of these machine shop companies while lowering the risk factor inherent to small business, creating ideal local investment opportunities.

We grow small businesses into strategic investments

We have developed a proprietary software solution that allows us to streamline the management and workflow of thousands of machine shop businesses. This solution enables plants to cross communicate, share skilled labor and machine capacities and pivot workloads across the nation.

We are in PHASE II of our 15 year corporate plan
Phase I2019 – 2021Establish MVP: Center Tool/RPM Tool
Phase II2022 – 2024Build Out Team and Platform for Scale: 19 Acquisitions
Phase III2025 – 2027Begin Scaling of Acquisitions/Integrations: 210 Acquisitions
Phase IV2028 – 2032Rapid Growth/Scale: 1,950 Acquisitions
Phase V2033 – 20XXTransition from Scaling/Acquisition Model to Stable Growth Model

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