How our purchases change lives

When we purchase a machine shop or small manufacturing business, we are helping their owners transition into retirement while making it possible for their employees to continue to thrive. Plus, their customers don’t need to look for a new resource!

We are combining the successful companies that we buy and networking them with similar companies across the country, so they can all work together to achieve even greater success.

Below are comments from machine shop or small manufacturing business owners about what it was like to sell their companies to US MFG.

RPM Tool and MFG

We interviewed Paul Mueller, owner of RPM Tool and MFG who sold his business to US MFG. He talks about the founding of his company and how we are working together to grow it now.

“RPM Tool and MFG was in business for 38 years. The company was founded by my father. I started drilling holes in the shop when I was 16 years old. Once COVID-19 hit, we had to downsize. We cut bills every way that we could, but it was just too much for one person. I’m getting older, and it was rough on me, so I said let’s sell the business.

“It was like a miracle when US MFG called. I was going through all of these phone calls and talking to all of these people trying to sell it and find the right fit. Some people were too big and didn’t want us. I was sitting in my chair, and I said a prayer thinking, ‘Who am I going to call?’ Then the phone rang within five minutes, and it was US MFG. Everything fell into place really nice and simple, one step at a time.

“It’s not the end of the world to sell the business. Just take it step by step, and everything will work out. Figure out the real value of everything, and don’t be afraid to do it. I feel good about what I did. My work and home life are much less stressful.”

– Paul Mueller