We help owners like you retire

US MFG purchases small manufacturing businesses like yours to continue building what you have put in the time and work to establish. If you’re looking for a way to retire and sell your machine shop, while knowing that your employees and customers will be in good hands, we can help.

Free up your capital

The only way small manufacturing business owners can retire and fully enjoy the benefits of their hard work is to free up their capital and convert what they’ve built into cash. That’s where we come in. The main difference between US MFG and companies that provide cash by liquidating your assets is that we purchase the machine shop and retain the knowledge and experience of its employees. Then, we work together with other shops that we own around the U.S. to network them together and provide mutual support.

We will care for your people

Our operation is committed to employee ownership, because we believe that it is the most effective way to build wealth for our communities. We aren’t just after your capital goods or physical assets; we want your whole team to thrive. After acquisition, we average a retention rate of 90+%. Your customers will have the resources of a network of manufacturing capability, while your employees will have job security and significant opportunity for advancement.

Use our Ambassador program

Our Ambassadors are sellers like you who have been through our process and have chosen to stay on board to help other owners transition. They are available to meet with you and discuss any questions or concerns that you have.